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Episode 001 – Intro and Training

by Admin on August 27, 2013


EP 1 Intro

  • Intro
  • Sponsors
  • Thumbnail Bio
    • US Army paratrooper/ Combat Vet AFGHANISTAN
    • DoD Security Contractor (Iraq)
    • Police Officer – Currently work for a mid-size agency in the southeast US
  • Motto/ Philosophy of PTP
    • Give away the knowledge for free
    • Have lots of interaction via different means with audience (speakpipe/ feedback email)
    • What we intend to talk about
      • Guns
      • Gear
      • Training
      • Everyday application of the above, and the occasional SHTF event
    • Politics/ how they play into the show
  • Politics
    • The very nature of the subjects we discuss on the show is currently a political “hot potato” (Sandy Hook, current laws, etc)
    • We generally refrain from political discourse, however from time to time there may be topics of a primarily political nature that come up–but they arent the focus or intent of the show.
    • Recommend that listeners get involved in the local and political issues, to make themselves more aware of whats going on, and to do their duty as an informed voter.
    • The need for, and use of guns and gear is rather apolitical in the grand scheme of it all- A rapist or other thug doesnt care what your political affiliation is.
  • Topic of the show: Training
  • Training
    • What is Training?
    • Who Needs Training?
      • Everyone – Tier 1 to brand new
    • Why?
      • You dont know what you dont know–you have to rely on others
      • Responsible thing to do
      • Should not be required by law
      • Legal implications/ liability
      • Common Sense
    • Where to find Training?
      • Local Providers
      • “Traveling Roadshow” – Many of the most well known trainers/instructors travel heavily
      • Travel to a particular trainer you wish to train with
      • Resources such as forums, Podcasts, or TACFinder
    • Trainer Qualifications
      • Should be someone more knowledgable than you in the given field
      • Should be of a “known” quanity – With feedback by your personal associates or verifiable feedback from an independent source
      • Tailor your training to your NEEDS first
      • Follow on training can be for subjects you want/fun
      • Do not become a groupie for one trainner or organization–check them all out–the varied experiences help you grow in your own journey
      • RE: Firearms Training general notes
        • NRA programs are good for what they are, a very basic foundation.
        • A good firearms instructor is a good instructor FIRST
        • Former Tier 1/ SPEC-Ops personnel
        • Competition vs. Combat shooting instructors.


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