Episode 008 — Talking about Mumbai and Terrorism with Michael Mann of Masada Consulting, LLC

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by Admin on October 16, 2013


Join us as we discuss terrorism, training and more with Michael Mann of Masada Security Consulting. Sorry for being a day late…Ive been sickly.


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About Michael Mann:

Michael is an expert in the creation, implementation and management of complex physical security programs designed to safeguard personnel, classified/sensitive information, and other critical assets that require enhanced protection measures. He has extensive experience in conducting threat and vulnerability assessments, and creating security programs for high- risk facilities, corporate complexes, specialized manufacturing facilities and public/private schools.

Michael’s professional experience includes honorable service as a United States Marine while serving with the U.S. Marine Corps Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST), civilian police officer with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, special response team (SWAT) commander for the U.S. Department of Energy’ s Y-12 National Security Complex, and security manager for Westinghouse Electric Company. He has over 26 years of protective services and security management experience, a master’s degree in security management a certificate in terrorism studies, and a homeland security executive certificate earned while studying terrorism and protective services in Israel. Michael is a certified practitioner in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), applications of CPTED in school security surveys, trained in the CARVER Threat Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology, and the Sandia National Laboratory’s Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM). Michael is a nationally certified law enforcement response to an active shooter instructor, and a state certified law enforcement special weapons and tactics (SWAT) and counterterrorism instructor.

Michael specializes in the development and management of nuclear and chemical security programs, the creation and implementation of armed response programs designed to interrupt and neutralize the actions of armed adversaries (active shooters), and the design and development of workplace violence training and planning programs for human resource professionals.


  • Recent Terror Attacks
  • Mumbai
  • Training for LEO/ Armed Citizen
  • Masada Security Consulting

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