Episode 011 — Interview with Chad Mercer of Z3RO Solutions

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by Admin on November 5, 2013


Join us as we talk with Chad Mercer of Z3RO Solutions. If I could use only one word to describe Chad, it would be Unique; he is a unique individual, with a unique background, and brings a unique perspective to the industry.

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Chad Mercer Bio/Intro


  • Why do I do what I do?
  • How did I deal with it?
  • How did you end up as a gunsmith?
  • Everything is end user related…
    • “My Goal, the bad people die & good guy lives…”
  • Mindset
    • “Condition Yellow sets us free”
  • How does an individual take stewardship? What specifically are you talking about?
    • Public’s attitude towards police040
  • Which brand of AR15’s to you recommend?
  • Building an AR
    • Complete guns are narrow margins for manufactures (exercise taxes)
    • Brownells
      • 16 inch M4 profile, Hammer Forged Daniel Defense
      • Colt Barrel Nut Assembly
      • Stripped Upper
      • Stripped Lower
      • Parts Lit
      • MOE Hand guard
      • Colt But Stock mounting kit
      • MOE but stock
      • Etc, Etc, Etc
      • $1,049.04 Total (No tools, No magazines)
    • Why build your own?
    • Variation of parts from different manufactures.IPSC group
    • “Franken-Guns”
    • Tolerance Stacking
    • Maybe purchase complete lower & upper, just push pins.
    • Buy a complete rifle – Doesn’t work, send it back
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections and Preventive Maint.
  • Lubrication
  • Red Dots on Pistols




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I've recommended this episode to everyone I could. Tons of great info being put out about real world AR maintenance.


Thanks for confirming that Mercer got fired for theft.  And no, he wasn't the only one.  Were you one of the others that got fired? Is that you, Jacques?


BobbyGun: You sir are a blue falcon; I bet you are an awesome cock-block at the bar with your boys too. I will vouch for Mercer in that he got pulled into a bad situation by an over zealous whistle blower, who tried to bring down our whole office out of spite. 


As per the NDAs that I signed, i cannot comment. I will say that, as per OIG and SID, I was never the focus of any investigation; only listed as a potential witness. My clearance is still valid.

I see they never fixed the rumor mill.



Please contact me at casey@practicaltacticalpodcast.com as I would like to discuss this further.

Many thanks!



Ask Chad about Diplomatic Security firing him for theft and fraud when he was firearms instructor there.  

Asking him if he's still facing a possible indictment.

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