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Episode 012 — “Gun Guy” Hypocrisy

by Admin on November 13, 2013


Getting this one out a little late–sorry all, commitments piled up on me this week. This is a good discussion between Justin and I–its a little political, but not overly so. Enjoy!

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  • What are “Gun Guys” Hypocritical about?
    • News Bias – Your Favorite News Source
    • Their motivation is to sell their product
    • They all have spin to drive sales
    • Seek out & Critically Listen
  • 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 ft View – Zoom in and Zoom Out.
  • News Story Examples
  • Legislature – Bill to designate what is a “Legitimate” News Source
  • Opinions Need to be based on Facts
  • Erosion of rights
  • Political System
    • 2 Party – One Party – Big Government Party with 2 wings
  • Why do you have, shoot, train, etc. a gun?
    • Be prepared for more – you have enough food to last 1 week without Wal-Mart?
    • Physical Conditioning
    • Carry Your Gun
    • Train with your gun
  • Good Source for Preparing – The Survival Podcast
  • Financial Preparedness – Dave Ramsey

Be open minded and use your brain to process the world around you.


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