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by Admin on November 19, 2013


Join us as Casey sits down with Darryl Bolke of Hardwired Tactical Shooting (HiTS)

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Hardwired Tactical Shooting

  • Differences between Darryl and Wayne
    • Darryl shoots more of a modified Weaver, and is influenced by people like Scott Reitz
    • Wayne shoots Modern Iso, and is influenced by different folks. Maybe greats such as famed Texas lawman Frank Hamer?
  • Safety/ Gun handling
  1. Refer to PTP Episode 002
  2. Conceptual understanding of the rules
  3. Terminology- Words have meaning
  4. Dry Practice vs. Dry Fire
  5. Negligent vs. Accidental discharge
  • What does “hardwired” of Hardwired Tactical Shooting mean?
    • Going 85-90% vs 100% to ensure good hits and accuracy essentially on “auto-pilot”
    • Shooting takes care of itself. Incidents are resolved with lower round counts and high accuracy factors
  • 2 Second Standards
    • Do best possible work with no rounds out of the black from 3/5/7 yards
    • Make decision: See, Evaluate, Eliminate
    • Execute the plan
    • The standard is based on the STUDENT, vs. being based on an artificial/ random “standard” because each student is different in ability, experience and proficiency.
  • First Responder series of classes
  • For LEO/ The armed citizen- when bad things happen, you ultimately become the first responder to your own emergency…when seconds count, help is only minutes away.
  • HiTS Training Philosophy
  • Casey and Darryl talk about competition and how it relate to tactical training. Refer to PTP Episode 003

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