Episode 019 — Ephraim Rogers – Warrior Shoot Event Group

by Admin on December 31, 2013


Casey interviews Ephraim Rogers the President of Warrior Shoot Event Group (WSEG)





About WSEG

The WSEG is a non-profit organization who’s sole purpose is putting on events to help wounded personnel get back on the range to remember their abilities and not their disabilities.

“It is our mission to dynamically empower battlefield wounded Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors by providing events that re-enforce the warrior ethos and provide technical and tactical opportunities while promoting self-worth and the drive to be a viable asset to the community.” –WSEG Inc.

These types of events are essential to our Warriors for a number of reasons:

1) Many US shooting ranges are not handicapped accessible or are limited to certain areas.

2) The financial strain of recovery may preclude a wounded service member from having the discretionary income needed to enjoy range activities or warrior based events.

3) Many service members do not have the support personnel needed for a safe and enjoyable event or support network to build contacts in the industry.

Knowing that healthy morale is the key to the recovery process, WSEG provides wounded troops the opportunity to not only to receive rehabilitating firearms training but also to enjoy themselves and expand their relationships with their community and industry.

Company Overview

The Warrior Shoot Event Group (WSEG) was started in 2007 as an idea to take service members wounded in combat to a firing range to help them retain or rediscover their fighting spirit.

Over the years this idea has blossomed into organized recreational events where Warriors get a chance to shoot various weapons at a firing range, receive further rehabilitating firearms training, and compete in shooting competitions for prizes donated by members of the tactical/fighter community.



Ephraim Rogers

  • Background & Experience
  • US Army

WSEG – Warrior Shoot Events Group

  • How did you come up with the concept of the WSEG?
  • Incorporated 2009 – Nonprofit
  • What challenges have you seen with the concept?
  • Tell me about past WSEG Events
  • Future Role
  • How has larger organizations (i.e. Wounded Warrior Project) effected WSEG
  • How have you addressed potential problems (i.e. Murder of Chris Kyle)

Upcoming Events

100% Nonprofit

  • All funds are used to support the group & excess is donated to other organizations.

WSEG Sponsors

Larue Tactical
Camel Bak
Tango Down
Midwest Industries
First Light
Wiley X
Pelican Cases
Blue Force Gear
Crye Precision
Point 6
Mountain Khakis
XS Sights
Bowen Classic Firearms
Spec Ops Brand
Black Hills Ammunition
Knights Armament
EAG Tactical
Victory First
Grip Force Products
Kill Cliff
First Spear
Velocity Systems/Mayflower
F3 Tactical
Revision Eyewear
Rite In the Rain



Website: Warrior Shoot Events Group

Follow them on Facebook: WarriorShootEventGroup







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