Episode 021 — Mike Damkot – Armatus Civis

by Admin on January 21, 2014


Casey interviews Mike Damkot of Armatus Civis.

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Direct Action Resource Center

Cool Guy Yard Sale

Armatus Civis

Based in Northern VA, MD, WV area.


Mike’s Background

  • Bought a gun and needed training
  • Focused on the majority of gun owners, not 99 percentile
  • Types of Courses


The Team

  • Mike
  • Sean
  • Adam


Our mission and Why?

  • Started as a “Hey, we should train”
  • To train those with guns to use them for defense
    • Having a gun doesn’t make you a good shooter
    • Sooooo Much bad information out there.
  • Influx of new gun ownership
  • The Ratio of Gun owners to “tacticool” guys is enormous, and there isn’t a lot of training for them



  • Better to have it an not need it VS Need it and not have it.


What Armatus Civis Offers:

  • Pistol
    • Starts with the basic fundamentals of marksmanship
    • Metal Sights
    • Muted rears with bright front
    • Thoughts on night sights
    • Most important – a Light
  • Rifle
    • A lot of new “assault rifle” owners after the ban scare
  • Shotgun
  • Every Fundamentals Course has A Medical Component.


Mike Recommend Training From:


James Yeager – Tactical Response


Key is to convince people they need to train




Raffle to benefit Warrior Shoot Event Group by Armatus Civis, Cool Guy Yard Sale, Multitasker, F3 Tactical and Raven Concealment


The Survival Summit

The Survival Summit is a free selection of tutorials to help you get into preparedness if you are interested. They have multiple guests speaking on all manner of topics from basic preparedness to how to grow your own food. These classes are free from 20-26 Jan, and are available for purchase as downloads, etc for $67 after those dates. Neat concept, and interesting information for the community.


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