Episode 26 — Whats in Your Range Bag

by Admin on May 24, 2014


Join us as Casey and Justin discuss whats in their range bag!



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-Have a Plan

-Ear-Protection –active/electronic preferred

-Med kit–specifically Gun Shot Wound treatment/ Tourniquet/ Cell-Phone/ Know where you’re at.

-Multi-tool such as Gerber or Leatherman

-Screwdriver kit

-Marker for mags or targets

-Shot Timer

-Oil, Rag, and Cleaning Rod

-Stapler/ Staples

-Masking Tape

-Misc small parts that may break that will deadline a gun (recoil spring/ bolt carrier group)



-Extra Mags


What do you keep in your range bag? Why? Let us know in the comments!


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Guys, is it really necessary to constantly use the term "shit bag"?  I know that this is a podcast but please try to remember that we listeners are inviting you into our homes and you don't know who may be listening.  I for one listen to you in my car and many times my children are aboard.  Pretty easy to knock that off and perhaps get more listeners (and perhaps not lose some).

PracticalTactical moderator

@louraue In short: Im glad you like the content, sorry you're disappointed with the language. No we aren't going to change. If we lose you as a listener, well, that stinks, but at the end of the day, Im not changing how I do things to suit anyone else.

As to growing or shrinking the audience--its growing by leaps and bounds. 

I can't make everyone happy all the time.

Ive gone and edited a tag in the feed, so that the episodes will now be marked as "explicit" so as not to inadvertently offend anyone's delicate sensibilities.




@PracticalTactical @louraue

Yes, I understand you want to maintain your "artistic integrity".  You just have to ask yourself,  what is that language doing to improve your product? And if it doesn't improve the product (and may even degrade it), why do it?  Is it just locker room talk out of the locker room?  Just my thoughts.  Good luck with the podcast and I hope that you reconsider.


County Comm Range Bag goes to every range with me, including department ranges. Contains:

Cleaning kit(rods, patches, rags, EWL, q-tips)

Leatherman Wave

Parts(Usually just Glock parts lately)

Oakley M-Frames and Sordin ear pro with backup Surefire plugs


Index cards and pen(for notes, approx round counts, drills, etc) and paint marker

Trauma kit

No ammo in this bag(some range safeties don't like live ammo in weapon cleaning areas...)

Going home ammo gets downloaded into plastic bin

Action Packer plastic tote usually is in my car even for department ranges. It goes down with me to my personal range. Contains-

Boo-boo kit with band-aids, super glue, ibuprofen, bug spray and sunblock

Staple gun with staples

Sharpies and black spray paint for target marking

Masking tape and 4" black circle stickers for target patching


Box of foam ear plugs for anyone who forgot theirs


Water/Clif bars

Mechanix gloves

Ammo is in a large plastic ammo can.

This is all in addition to the vest, duty belt and ball cap that I usually wear to the range.

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