Episode 29 — Shooting the Bull – Interview

by Admin on June 24, 2014


Casey and Justin chat with Barry Green from Shooting the Bull.

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RSKTKR Consulting

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Barry Green from Shooting the Bull

  • Background
  • Dedicated to discussing all aspects of personal defense through the use of firearms
  • Spreading some truth you can bullieve in
  • Dispelling a lot of the bulloney out there.

How do you Test?

  • Lots of Random testing
  • BUT we need standardized and quantifiable.
  • Same test media, same distance, same gun, ect.
  • FBI Testing Protocol
  • Facts vs Emotions


380 Ammo Quest

  • Carry the BIGGEST caliber you can SHOOT WELL
  • Testing with a short barrel 380 – Taurus TCP
  • Shot Placement is #1
  • His Choice Precision 1 or any XTP Round or Hydroshok
  • Final Results on Website and Youtube

9mm Ammo Quest – on going…

  • Ammo Selection doesn’t seem to be a problem even in short barrels
  • His 9mm choice so far… Federal HST, Cor-bon DPX, Hornady Critical Defense

Check him out:


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