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Hello! Welcome to the Practical Tactical Podcast!

Here you will find information, news, blog postings, and reviews about the firearms and gear industry, as well as our weekly podcast on the practical application of tactical principals and teachings.

As we all know, basic learning begins in the classroom (or on the range), but the rubber meets the road, so to speak, in the real world. Let us to help you save hours, weeks, or even months of research on given topics in this arena by allowing us to pass on our years of actual real-world experience. We have had the arguments, and often lived them ourselves. Benefit from our years of trial and error and the common sense approach we take to solving the myriad of problems, questions, and arguments that abound within the “tactical” community.

Our goal is to create valuable, informative, entertaining and engaging podcasts that will assist you on your journey–wherever it may lead you.

We always appreciate feedback–in fact we encourage it. Please see our contact/feedback page to send us an email, or voice message for use on the show, or if you have an idea for a show or article.

The Practical Tactical Podcast is a Me to You Media production.