Episode 37 – Gun “Expert” Recommendations

by Admin on November 2, 2015


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Episode 37 – Gun “Expert” Recommendations

Video Episode: 


Gun “Expert” Article

  • Review
  • Break down
Our current carry setups:
  • Casey
  • Justin

Our recommendations


  • I Don’t Care go crazy


  • Pick a Mainstream Guns
  • Metal Sights
  • Glock and MP
Concealed Carry:
  • Proved Gun
    • Glock, MP, Sig, Ruger?
  • Metal Sights


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exitus acta probat
exitus acta probat

My EDC is a P226 9mm with an X300 Ultra plus 2 18 rd Mecgar mags. I use a Bravo Concealment holster. Admittedly, my biggest fear is being in the worst possible situation and not having adequate resources. I do believe that you can conceal most handguns. Gun weight is not an issue for me.  I am not a LEO walking a beat nor a soldier operating a patrol in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. I am just a civilian who is preparing to exert more violence than the threat. And nope...not a bad ass..more of a control freak.

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