Remembering 9/11

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by Admin on September 11, 2013

I just wanted to take a few minutes and remind you all to take a moment and reflect on the significance of today,  the events that day, and the last 12 years as a nation at war.

No one needs reminding of where they were that terrible day. Most remember it quite vividly. But sometimes we need to be reminded that we need to remember it.

We need to remember the citizens that were murdered. Most had gone to work on an idle autumn Tuesday. Others were traveling from point A to point B aboard aircraft as is so routine. None of them could have known that all of their lives would irrevocably intersect for a split second by the vile and despicable acts perpetrated by savage terrorists, when they began crashing those aircraft into the symbolic epicenters of our nation. That day turned from routine and normal to hell in an instant. For them, and for all of us…normal has changed.

We need to remember that they flew two into the World Trade Center. One into the Pentagon. Still another was downed in a field in Pennsylvania–her target believed to be the White House–brought down by passengers who decided to do something, anything, about their predicament and refusing to be led to slaughter.

We need to remember that the bravery, commitment, and sacrifice displayed by the police, fire and EMS personnel who entered the fray without hesitation is awe inspiring. They entered the towers, knowing full well that they may never exit them alive. Many never made it out alive. But still they went. And that makes me proud.

We need to remember that the nation assumed a war footing within hours of the attacks. US Military personnel were on the ground shortly thereafter, and within 26 days bombs began falling in Afghanistan and this nation hasn’t known peace since. The brave men and women of our Armed Forces have answered the call. They have taken up the fight that began in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, PA. Their acts of valor are too numerous to pen in this short essay–but suffice it to say they are many. From Iraq to Afghanistan and many other hot spots around the globe, our fighting men and women continue to display the courage and character for which they are known. The men and women of our Armed forces, and their families, have sacrificed much to prosecute these wars, and kill those who would do us harm. And they continue to sacrifice. They are owed a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. I am proud of each and every one of them–both as a veteran and a citizen.

We need to remember that such a short period of time (a little over an hour) on 9/11/2001 has changed this nation forever. Gone are the days of the Twin Towers iconically overlooking the Hudson. No longer is the Pentagon, the center of our nation’s military might, a readily available place for visitors to the nation’s Capitol. Today a wall stands in memoriam in a field in Pennsylvania.

We need to remember that the terrorists hoped to cripple us and end our nation.

We need to remember that they failed. In fact, they have failed multiple times since 9/11/01. They have tried to commit further acts of terror on our soil, and around the world–we need to remember that we have gotten better at hunting, finding, and killing them. That too makes me proud.

We need to remember that this nation has paid a terrible toll in both sons and daughters lost, as well as treasure spent to fund the clean-up/repair and the prosecution of war to kill those responsible.

Remember the fallen today. Remember the courage and character shown on that peaceful autumn day which shattered the lives of so many. Remember those whom the victims left behind. Remember those who have stepped into the breach and filled the gap in defense of this nation and in response to these acts of terror. Remember that there are still savages out there who who want you dead for no other reason than you are an American. Remember that the fight still rages on, and will for the foreseeable future.

Remember. Remember and never forget. Remember and never forgive. Remember that we owe it to each and every one of them to remember. Remember the feelings of that day, and that it is OK to still be angry. Remember.

Never forget those killed on 9/11:

  • 1,402 WTC Tower 1
  • 614 WTC Tower 2
  • 343 FDNY Firefighters and EMS personnel
  • 23 NYPD officers
  • 37 Port Authority Police Officers
  • 125 Pentagon/ Military Employees
  • 87 souls aboard American Airlines Flight 11 (North Tower, 8:46 am)
  • 60 souls aboard United Airlines Flight 175    (South Tower, 9:03 am)
  • 59 souls aboard American Airlines Flight 77 (Pentagon, 9:37 am)
  • 4 4 souls aboard United Airlines Flight 93      (Shanksville, 10:03)

Never forget those Killed in Action as a result of 9/11:

  • 2,229 Afganistan
  • 4,488 Iraq

Never forgive those responsible.





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