What a week!

by Admin on September 20, 2013

Our article on Starbucks has garnered quite a bit of attention. And while not our intent, per se, the Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry debate has been intense!

We are looking for an Open Carry advocate to come on the show and we would like to discuss both sides of the issue in a civil and professional manner for another Special Edition podcast. We have reached out to a couple of the more well-known Open Carry advocates, but they dont seem to be too interested.

If you know someone, please, have them contact us. Put Open Carry Debate Guest in the subject line.

Our production schedule is a bit hairy but we will make time to fit it in. We have a couple of interviews scheduled this week for upcoming shows, and Casey will be gone the first week and a half of October, as he is going to DARC.

We dont know if it will change anyone’s mind, or sway anyones opinion, but it would be a fun show, and a good opportunity for all sides to get their message out there.

Let us know.



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