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Episode 002 – Firearms Safety

by Admin on September 3, 2013




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Firearms Safety – Part 3

by Admin on September 2, 2013

Safety when Training

It was not long ago that a trainer shot a student during a class.  Demonstrations, Training, Dry fire, etc. are not justification for violating safety rules.

   You don’t need to be a trainer to have training aids. Safe dry fire alone is justification for the $15 purchase below. It only takes a few $$ to supplement your training, weapons handling, practice, and/or demonstration with safe training aids that will keep you from violating safety rules unnecessarily with a weapon capable of unintentional live-fire.

2012 09 06 Glock 19 Training Aids 10 cs

For $15 you can render your weapon unable to fire, but still functional with a 5.11 Training Barrel.

Plus you can buy one for a GLOCK 17, and use it in the 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, ect.

If you are handling a weapon in training or practice there is really no reason not to use this product.

2012 09 06 Glock 19 Training Aids 1s

For a little more expense you can purchase an ASP Red or Ring’s Blue gun.  Plus, it is cheaper than a second gun, can handle abuse well, and should last forever.  They are great for combatives and weapon retention type of training, but also a good thing to keep in reach on a live fire range.  It is much faster to grab the blue gun out of your pocket than disassemble your live weapon on the range, then put it back together for live fire when instructing.


Rings Blue Gun Glock



511 train barrell

5.11 Training Barrel

Those are just a few examples of tools that are available to ensure you are training and practicing safely.  There are many folks would give much more than $15 to be able to prevent the incidents they were involved in.  Please be responsible and make safety a priority. It really is cheap insurance.

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Firearms Safety Part 2

19 August 2013

Going into further detail on safety…. We all can agree that whatever list of rules you choose, none of them came down the mountain with Moses.  But, very smart people have defined and refined them to protect us (from ourselves and others). Lets discuss in more detail, using COL Jeff Cooper’s 4 rules: All guns are […]

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Firearms Safety

19 August 2013

Instructor accidentally shoots student Unfortunately that headline is not a first, nor is it even all that uncommon–not by a long shot. I took for granted the military’s regimented style and organization. Over that last several years I am continually surprised (yet never shocked) to be around people that do not follow basic safety rules. […]

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