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by Admin on September 15, 2013

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TACFinder was launched on June 15, 2013.  We are a free service for consumers looking for trainers, ranges, gear, gun shops, vendors, and the like for both firearms enthusiasts, and other parties interested in such matters.

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TACFinder was developed because there is no single source of such information on the internet.  Certainly there are several forums which cater to firearms enthusiasts of all types, but our extensive experience in the “tactical” type forums is that each forum is over taken by one particular trainer and their “fans”…thus, anyone who is NOT the trainer of choice is lost in the shuffle.  The same goes with product reviews and recommendations.

After a decade of war, there are many, MANY good trainers out there who operate in relative obscurity.  Certainly, there are those who have no business teaching others how to use firearms, however it is our view that the cream rises to the top–and those who should NOT be in this business will be run out at some point simply based on them not putting out a quality product–and in today’s market, that wont fly for long.

We have developed a way for the consumer to search for trainers in their area by inputting their zip code and desired search radius.  Another thing we do is an Amazon type review/ star rating for each profile.  The way we are different in that regard is that all of our reviews are viewed by me or my partner before they are posted.  This ensures that the review is from someone who actually attended the course, and not from a “shady” competitor attempting to sabotage someone.  Our policy is that all reviews will be posted, however a review below 3 stars is forwarded to the vendor for their review and rebuttal.  That rebuttal is posted with the review, so that both sides are presented in a fair and unbiased manner.  We do NOT edit reviews.  Additionally we have a master calendar wherein our listees can list their entire training schedule if they so choose, and there are maps to the training venue, etc.

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We are a “fair and balanced” resource for the consumer–we do not say that vendor A is better than vendor B.  We simply provide the resource for the consumer to find a trainer or other vendor in their area, and see what, if any, feedback has been provided on that particular entity.

The consumer pays nothing for our services–rather the vendor pays.  Each vendor is afforded the same opportunity as the next, based on the level of service they choose.  We do not play favorites.  All parties receive the same service as the next at their particular level of participation or subscription.

Our basic listing is free and includes name/phone # and listing on the map.  Our paid Full-Auto package includes a page on our site outlining their qualifications, links to their website and social media outlets, pictures, course dates, and more.

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This industry is in need of an unbiased source of training options, ranges, and gear.  TACFinder has created the perfect, hi-tech yet easy to use website as the solution.  With the goal of becoming the one-stop “find what you need” resource, TACFinder can help the novice or professional alike locate what they need.

This system has been built on an expandable platform that is ready to add on reviews, a community, endless page count, an e-zine blog and can maintain an unlimited volume of data!

The search feature is integrated with custom icons, google maps, and has the ability of finding each location down to GPS coordinates with fully customized search fields designed for TACFinder.

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TACFinder is first & foremost a resource for the student-at-arms and consumer of firearms and tactical goods.  TACFinder is not affiliated  (i.e.,strategically allied) with any one organization/trainer/facility.  TACFinder maintains professional neutrality in that we do not “play favorites”, meaning TACFinder does NOT show deferential treatment to one organization/trainer/range/vendor over another.

For more information regarding terms of use, packages available, or code of conduct please visit www.tacfinder.com

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