Join us in Episode 5 as we talk about Concealed Carry, Training and Gear with Matt Jacques of Victory-First!


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  • Former US Marine (served as an MP with HMX-1/ Presidential Helicopter Squadron)
  • Retired Police Officer (Patrol and SWAT/Sniper, Special Assignments)
  • Worked at FNH USA on several projects (FN SPR, Belt Fed Weapons, SOCOM SCAR)



  • Matt’s Background
  • How Victory-First came to be
  • Matt’s Philosophy on concealed carry/ thoughts on Starbucks
  • Thoughts on “advanced” training and why it is so important
  • Whats more important? Gear or Training?
  • Recommended Guns: Type/Manufacturer, Size (Subcompact/Compact/Full Size), Caliber?
  • Carry Method: AIWB or strong-side inside or outside the waist band?
  • EDC Discussion: See below for recomendations
  • Remaining “low-profile” and discreet while carrying…does it even matter?
  • Panteao and other video training and how students respond differently based upon their level of training and experience
  • Matt going to classes, and how training with many reputable instructors is key to student development and advancement
  • Upcoming projects with Panteao- A new release should be around SHOT Show and another next spring
  • Upcoming “Fundamental of Every Day Carry” 19-20 OCT Hedgesville, WV


Matt’s Recommendations and his Everyday Carry Gear


Find Out More about Matt and Victory-First



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